Our Mission

Motivated by our love for God and for others, we pursue collaborative partnerships to provide economic, social, and spiritual help to communities across Jamaica. 

To accomplish our mission (1) we explore new approaches as we design programs to serve individuals living in high-risk communities, (2) we promote the development of small social enterprises to help provide training and income-generating opportunities, and (3) we undertake special projects that will improve the welfare of the people of Jamaica. 


Community Development Initiatives

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Empower Youth

We believe that the days of packaging a one-size-fits-all solution to people's needs are over.  And that is why we take the time to listen and to focus on youth so they can be trained, inspired, and motivated to develop personally and to impact others in their communities.


Support Parents

I Can Parent is a parent-led forum that seeks to engage parents who raise children in difficult environments and to work with them to find practical and Biblically-based answers to the challenges they confront on a daily basis. 


Income Generation Support

We help individuals and community-based organizations explore income generating options that will support economically disadvantaged individuals in the communities where we work.

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Capacity Building Support

Jalawelo provides training to individuals in nonprofit organizations that work to improve the well-being of community residents.  We also engage volunteers with specific areas of expertise to help provide training that organizations need.   

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Special Projects


Our Purpose Statement

We exist to bring glory to God.




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