More than 30% of Jamaica's youth are unattached

    More than 30% of Jamaica's youth are unattached

Jamaica Land We Love (Jalawelo) is building partnerships with individuals, churches, and businesses that want to make a sustainable difference in the lives of Jamaica’s youth.

Partnership Opportunity
Would you consider engaging with us to provide sustainable help for at-risk young adults in Jamaica? This would include making a one-time or recurring donation to support our community development efforts as well as taking advantage of opportunities for personal interaction with the individuals in our Young Adult Circle (YAC) program. These young adults face economic hardship and have oftentimes been victims of neglect or abuse. They desperately need another chance at life.

Churches and businesses across the US that have significant Jamaican roots very often engage in special mission trips and projects in Jamaica. What we have found, however, is that most organizations are generally not able to commit to investing in the types of longer term solutions that the poor really need to see a permanent change in their lives.  That is why Jalawelo partners with organizations like yours to extend your efforts by providing services such as education and training, ongoing mentoring, and opportunities for income-generation. These are services that cannot be provided on short-term trips or through special projects. In addition, we take advantage of modern technologies and approaches and  seek to find research-based solutions that are likely to have a long-term impact.  We believe it is time to look at old problems in news ways.

Imagine if you believed your only chance for a better life was through crime, prostitution or drugs.

The Reality
Today, about a third of Jamaica's youth are unattached – i.e. not in school, unemployed, or not in a training course. They are susceptible to being sexually exploited and lured into joining gangs. Many grow up in poverty without access to a quality education. And, for too many, the glimmer of hope that shines during the primary and secondary school years dims or disappears completely in adulthood. Too many are witnessing acts and atrocities which would crush even the most resilient. Our conversations with young people like these reveal that they feel ignored and discarded by most in society.

Imagine for a moment, always feeling passed over - through no fault of your own - simply because you are poor.

There is a way forward! We are bringing hope to young adults in Jamaica who experience the heartbreak and loneliness that neglect, abuse, and poverty bring.

          Youth respond to mentorship, opportunities to move forward, and to love

          Youth respond to mentorship, opportunities to move forward, and to love

Why Young Adult Circles?
We chose to think outside the box when we designed our YAC program for at-risk youth. The program uses our Individualized Education and Development Plan (IEDP) to personalize a path to wholeness for each young adult. It also uses outstanding online academic/training resources, ideal for 21st century minds. Our first YAC was piloted in the volatile community of Mountain View, Kingston.

We learned there that hurting youth respond to personalized mentorship, opportunities to make progress, and real love. Guiding youth to take the next practical and attainable step in a caring environment offers them purpose. It also reduces their inclination towards destructive behaviors.

Moving Forward
We want to provide a YAC scholarship for at least 12 young adults in Olympic Gardens in 2018. The cost per month for each member is about $70.00 (USD). This allows us to provide training on refurbished computer equipment, opportunities to engage in healthy social and volunteer activities, and basic supplies – all within a supportive peer-to-peer learning environment. We are stretching every dollar so that the funds can also provide a small stipend for the youth and the community-based leaders. The leaders themselves, though passionate about contributing to help their communities, are often economically strapped as they hustle to care for their families while volunteering with the YAC program.  

Please consider partnering with us! Click here to complete the YAC Partnership Form. Also, please do not hesitate to call us directly at 484-278-1447 if you have any questions.