Six Areas of Focus for Young Adults


We are convinced that one key to achieving meaningful change in Jamaica’s most challenged communities is to provide comprehensive and personalized support to our youth, who will then be permanently equipped to support themselves and their families, and ultimately impact their communities.

Any group of young adults will represent a range of needs, aptitudes, and interests.  We help each young adult identify those specific steps that must be taken to accomplish his/her unique goals. This is done with the support of a community-based volunteer who acts as a coach who actively engages the young adults individually and as a group in the six focus areas as they pursue personal growth and development.

We reject the notion that support must always come from outside of the community.  We celebrate and applaud talented adult community-based volunteers who are able to understand and empathize with the unique challenges the young adults face and steer them in a direction that leads to success.

A Note About Technology

We use technology in a significant way as we work with our  young adults in all aspects of our engagement.  We believe that this comprehensive and forward-thinking approach will go a long way in preparing our young adults to participate in a 21st century global economy and in helping them overcome many of the challenges they face due to poverty, community crime, unemployment, lack of access to basic services, and deficiencies in education, to name a few.