Volunteer Opportunities

We are Jalawelo. We engage together as talented, compassionate, and thinking Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica to design and implement sustainable solutions for the folks we want to help.

We believe we have an exciting opportunity to  seriously PRAY and THINK and ACT in love to impact people's lives in real ways. 

  • Young Adult Mentors:
  • Connect with young adults engaged in the Young Adult Circle program to provide encouragement and support using online communication technologies.

  • Business as Mission:

Engage remotely as a member of a small team using communication technologies to provide encouragement, guidance, and support to community-based social enterprise initiatives that provide jobs, training, and hope for the most vulnerable.

  • Community Development Strategists:

Help to think through innovative models for community-based initiatives that will impact people's lives (e.g., our "I Can Parent" initiative; school-based initiatives, etc.).

  • Diaspora Outreach:

Design strategies to build trust and hope that will  motivate a disengaged Diaspora so that they will contribute to change in even in some small in Jamaica (e.g., help to organize Jalawelo Outreach Networking Events (JONES)).

  • Event Planning:

Help with the planning of 3-4 Jalawelo events each year (e.g., Spring Breakfast, Christmas Party, etc.)

  • Community Connectors:

If you are a part of a Jamaican church/organization-based community, represent Jalawelo as an ambassador and help to disseminate information about Jalawelo's activities and programs.

  • Future:

Missions Trips to faithful communities where we are engaged.  

Whatever happens to be your passion: If you have a dream for Jamaica and we can prayerfully work together to make it happen, let's do it

We talk about all the things in the world that need to change. Jalawelo is a platform for us to engage, to dream, to think, to execute, and ultimately to use our lives in a meaningful way to address some of the pain and injustices we see everyday.  Let’s stay busy until Christ returns, working together for the glory of God and the good of the people of Jamaica.