Spiritual Discourse

Jalawelo is a Christian faith-based organization that is committed to living out and sharing the good news about Jesus Christ. We believe that we have been called to serve those in Jamaica’s high-risk communities who may need a helping hand. And, even as we seek to address the physical needs of our brothers and sisters, we remain prayerful and committed to their spiritual wellbeing.

As we care for and partner with our brothers and sisters in Jamaica, we look for and also create special opportunities to have plain and open dialogue about faith. There is so much in world today that claims to be aligned with the Christian faith but which does not pass muster when examined under the light of the Scriptures.

We have a passion and a burden to share the glorious and authentic gospel in word and deed. We want everyone to know about and have an encounter with the the real and non-politicized Christ who came to earth to die so that we can enjoy a deep and loving relationship with the true and living God.

Social Engagement Model Components

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