Meals for Summer Camp Kids

Free Summer Camp!

Did you know there’s a free summer camp for children in a St. Ann’s Bay community every year? Believe it. For a few years now, this amazing camp has been run by a Christian non-profit called “Mission of Hope.” Over 100 children each year enjoy 4 days of fun, friendship and mentoring. Apart from providing a caring and secure atmosphere, the camp also offers 3 meals per day plus snacks. The campers also get to have free transportation to and from the campsite in Moneague. As an exciting bonus, the camp also provides a free field trip to Jamaica’s cultural Arawak Village in Trelawny.


What We Did to Help

Jalawelo Summer Camp.jpg

In 2014, Jalawelo offered to sponsor the camp’s food expenses. We spent several months building a solid relationship with the camp’s team. One of our volunteers went onsite to observe firsthand how the program works and how committed the team was to the children they serve. We were excited to fund the meals because we know how important healthy meals are to allowing children to play and grow as completely as they should. Many of these precious young ones come from communities which suffer from economic hardship and other social issues. Thus, healthy filling meals may be a break from what some of them are used to having.


Happy, Well-Fed Kids

With your help, we were able to raise the funds for the camp’s meals. Each of you who donated helped us to meet our target of $400 USD. That summer, the camp took care of 40 well fed children. Each child was given an early morning snack before physical exercise. Later, they were then given a hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a snack before bedtime. Thank you for supporting us in feeding healthy meals and snacks to a group of children who needed it.