We think of our programs not as something we deliver to a community or a group of beneficiaries but as a type of engagement or partnership with community members. So we have developed an approach that we have dubbed HEESSO. What exactly is HEESSO?

For us, HEESSO stands for a holistic, embedded, engagement for sustainable and scalable outcomes. This is ultimately the way we believe we need to engage to see change.  Our Young Adult Circle, for example, seeks to address the academic, income generating, social, and spiritual needs of our youth. The young adults develop an Individualized Education and Development Plan that guides them to make those choices and engage in those activities that will help them to grow and to thrive.  It’s not just about learning a skill or gaining specific knowledge, it is about becoming a rounded person who can be self-supporting and who can contribute to society.

Holistic - Because we seek to address people as whole people - physically, socially, spiritually - we want to be aware of their needs and the ways in which their stories impact who they have become

Embedded - firmly planted in the organization or community we serve

Engagement - a decision to to something in a special time and in special way

Sustainable - We want the solutions to have a long-term impact on people’s welfare so they can provide for themselves.

Scalable - We want to engage and test our engagement, and be always learning so we can scale our programs within the community and across communities.

Outcomes - Our goal is to have real outcomes, see real change in people’s live. To fulfill the call to truly care for the poor and underserved.

HEESSOO - A holistic embedded engagement for sustainable and scalable outcomes.