Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Jalawelo from most other nonprofit organizations that are doing work in Jamaica?

Most nonprofit organizations doing work in Jamaica focus on a single or narrow area of need. Jalawelo, on the other hand, is a nonprofit organization that is committed to improving Jamaican communities by providing capacity building support to nonprofits organizations working in Jamaica and this includes using a web-based crowdfunding approach to supporting charitable causes on the island.

Under what circumstances are projects listed on the Website funded?

Each listing of a project on the Jalawelo site includes the dollar amount of funds that is necessary for successful completion of the project as well as a stated solicitation period (such as 90 days) during which donors can make pledges to the project. Only projects that receive pledges that equal at least the stated dollar amount for the project are funded.

Why not provide partial funding even if the project goal has not been met?

A nonprofit corporation that posts a project on the site has represented that the stated project amount is its good faith estimate of the amount that it will need to complete the project. If the total amount pledged and donated falls short of this amount, however, neither Jalawelo nor potential donors can be reasonably sure that the project can be successfully completed. For this reason, Jalawelo does not believe that such projects should receive partial funding. This “all or nothing” approach to funding is also in keeping with other successful crowdfunding models.

Why does Jalawelo work with other organizations?

As anyone familiar with Jamaica knows, the needs on the island are extensive and varied. Jalawelo recognizes that there are many organizations doing good work in Jamaica in many different areas to improve the lives of individuals and communities on the island. Yet many of these organizations struggle to secure the funds they need to continue and expand on the good work they are doing. Jalawelo believes that helping such organizations that are already established in various communities to obtain the funds they need is one of the most effective ways it can help to bring positive change to Jamaica.

Who is responsible for completing projects posted on the Jalawelo website?

The Sponsoring Organization that posts a project, and not Jalawelo, is responsible for seeing the project through to completion. Jalawelo, however, will take reasonable steps to monitor the progress of the project and, whenever it considers it necessary, encourage Sponsoring Organizations to provide feedback to Jalawelo and donors via updates on the site.

I do not live in the United States. Can I make a pledge and donate money to a project using my credit card from another country?

You most likely can. Our payment system can accept international credit card payments in more than 130 currencies including the Canadian dollar, British pound, European Union Euro, Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, and Japanese yen.