Fencing of Amritt Basic School

Amritt Basic School (formerly Harmony Hall Basic) is a vital pillar in the community of Harmony Hall, St. Mary. Serving needy families not only in Harmony Hall, but also in surrounding areas, Amritt caters to children ages 3 to 6. Located on a piece of land donated to a local church, the school has educated students in the community for over 30 years. In fact, one of the pastors of the aforementioned church was among Amritt’s first batch of students.

The children and staff with the new school fence!

The children and staff with the new school fence!

A Need for Proper Security

Amritt Basic School has a committed Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) which has done a number of projects to serve the school along with the school’s board. Unfortunately, they have not been able to raise enough funds to install a fence around the school. Such a feature is extremely important to protecting the pupils, staff, and equipment on the school’s compound. Jalawelo heard of this need and promised to help buy a fence to be put up during the summer break.

A Safe School for Children

You fully supported our project! You helped us to raise USD $1,948 to buy materials like fencing wire, pipe and others to build and put up the fence. Our team later toured the whole school compound and spoke with several members of staff. Our trip there made us even more grateful for being able to help in this way. Thank you creating a safe environment for Jamaica’s next generation to learn and grow!