Diana Harrison

As she propels into the Third Age, Diana's desire to 'give back' burned strongly within. She remembered being young with only her dreams and she reflected on the many people who have helped over the years. Now that it is HER turn to 'give back', she decided to focus on Education and Young Adults. JALAWELO provides her the opportunity to 'give back' to motivated young Jamaican adults who need an encouraging hand as they pursue their educational, income-earning, and personal development goals.

Diana holds an MBA from the University of Toronto and a BS from the University of the West Indies. She maintains the prestigious global Project Management Professional (PMP) credential. Diana has over 30 years of leadership experience implementing IT applications systems.

Diana is an optimist and Life Long Learner. Her current interests including using online courses to educate herself regarding personal investing and graceful aging. Diana has been an enthusiastic JALAWELO volunteer since 2014.