Computers Make Learning Fun!


A School Committed to Rise Above

“Holy Family Infant and Primary School” located in Parade Gardens, Kingston has been described as an oasis in an area faced with crime, violence and poverty. Under the leadership of Principal L. Cecille Palmer, the school has had many achievements such as getting high passes for top high schools in Jamaica, excelling in music and dance and being football (soccer) champions for several years. In spite of these many accomplishments, there still remained some challenges as resources have been limited. Some of the computers being used were not working up to the standards necessary for effective teaching. As such, the learning process, which partially depends on the aid of computer-based tools, suffered to an extent.


The children with their new computers!

The children with their new computers!

Not A Small Sum

Jalawelo saw this need and was able to respond. We sourced 3 new desktop computers as well as 2 portable DVD players. This equipment needed to help the school came up to the whopping amount of $3,404.00 USD. That’s where our supporters came in! We were able to meet our monetary goal fully due to your donations! Once we were able to raise the funds, we purchased the desired equipment online. To the staff’s delight, we then delivered and set up all of the equipment and also installed the relevant educational software needed for the children to use.


Another Way to Learn

This proved to be a tremendous blessing for the school. We watched the children eagerly play the learning games and activities on the brand new computers. We know that technology will only better their chances of learning any new material given to them. They will now be able to learn lessons on literacy and numeracy in a fun, engaging, 21st century manner! Not only will this make a potential impact on the school’s 1,000 students from grades 1 to 6, but also on the wider community. If we are able to improve the educational standards of these few students, this may affect the way in which they live in and affect the community in adulthood.


The principal reacted to this experience as follows:

“I am totally flabbergasted. This is just awesome… Surely this is going to be a different way our children learn.”