Capacity Building

People can make or break an organization. We provide training to individuals and nonprofit organizations that work to improve the well-being of community residents.  We also engage volunteers with specific areas of expertise to offer technical assistance tailored to an organizations needs.   


Our team builds relationships with the organizations we work with and the communities we serve.  We perform an assessment of current operations, activities, and initiatives. Our team members, expert volunteers, and partner organizations work side-by-side with individuals from these organizations and communities to identify solutions and resources that will strengthen their ability to improve the quality of life and well-being of the individuals they serve.   

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If there is a commitment to strategy and sustainability, we work with the organization or community to help secure additional resources that may be needed. When attainable goals are set, processes are streamlined, and proper mechanisms for accountability are in place, then we can be more confident that funds raised will be used wisely and directed towards sustainable programs.


Individuals and organizations working in Jamaican communities must seek to coordinate their efforts whenever it is feasible to do so.  Jalawelo is committed to working with faithful organizations that are, more often than not, quietly working to impact communities across the island. 

Organizations do have their unique visions, however, we believe that there must be an overall vision for the community as a whole and residents must have the primary voice in setting that vision.  Jalawelo's role is to support and be an advocate for the people.