Business Partnerships


                       It's about our future!

                      It's about our future!

Jamaica Land We Love (Jalawelo) builds partnerships with businesses that value corporate social responsibility. These organizations understand the critical role that businesses play in helping to create a safer and a more just society for people in and outside of the workplace.

The Nonprofit Organizational Challenge
Savvy business professionals understand and value innovation. They also value the contribution that the right people and the right business processes make to overall business success. As a result, these individuals are willing to make financial investments to ensure the sustainability of sound nonprofit models. These individuals understand that we must deploy some of our best human talent to address the significant human need that exists across the globe. Jalawelo partners with forward-thinking businesses to help provide the resources needed to maintain the organization's health and to ensure the sustainability of its programs and initiatives.

Jamaica: A Social Investment Opportunity
The Jalawelo Social Engagement Model outlines our approach. We believe this framework provides a special partnership opportunity for businesses that want to see sustainable change in Jamaica.  We view business donations of time and money as long-term investments in the development of the people and  the nation.  

We invite you to partner with us.