3 Things You Need to Succeed!

We love to speak about reaching our goals. But how do we actually do it? What are the key ingredients we need to gain success in different aspects of our lives? Could it possibly be just raw talent? Or maybe pure passion? Or … Something entirely different?


Raw Talent?

Parents at our  ICP  session who are open to learning how to parent in more healthy ways.

Parents at our ICP session who are open to learning how to parent in more healthy ways.

You know it. You usually do better in areas in which you are naturally talented. You also usually prefer to spend your time and energy in such areas over others. So a person who drew well as a young child may be more driven to pursue art as a career than one who could not. Or a student who felt math was easy in school may be encouraged to enter more math related careers than one who did not. Talent is definitely a factor in one’s success. But should we only go after things which come somewhat easily to us?

Some of our I Can Parent (ICP) parents had children for whom they did not plan. Several of them were not born as natural leaders, caregivers or role models … Yet, despite this, they try. Everyday they make mistakes, learn from them, and try once more to be the best parents possible. Sometimes, we need to push ourselves to learn and try new things. This even includes areas in which we may not be the most naturally talented. Because, with some practice and a willingness to learn, we may just surprise ourselves.


Pure Passion?

What's your passion? "Right now … just my kids." -  YAC  Member

What's your passion? "Right now … just my kids." - YAC Member

How many of us did poorly in a subject at school in which we knew we were capable of excelling … But we just couldn’t bring ourselves to care enough about it? It can be extremely hard to apply yourself to things you find boring or upsetting. For this reason, many people have preached a Gospel of only doing things for which you have a true passion. And this makes sense. Doesn’t it? Passion offers us an emotional push - a strong feeling of excitement and purpose - that helps us dive deep into a task. We often depend on it to spur us into action and excel at different things.

But even with this … Is it enough?

Sadly, that immense feeling of enjoyment and drive that comes with passion … Is just that. A feeling. And, as we know with most feelings, they fade over time. Which is why we all should cultivate this last ingredient for success ...


The biggest one of all ...


Unfortunately, perseverance has become such an overused word now that it may have lost some of its meaning. Oxford Dictionary defines it as “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” That means despite not being as talented as others. Despite not always feeling like you want to do it. Despite ANY obstacle.


Success at our fingers

One of our top ranking Young Adult Circle (YAC) members has a learning difficulty and is probably no longer working off the high she felt at the very start of the program. YET she has worked consistently every week since. Because she knows, apart from talent, passion or even outside support ... The biggest thing you need to reach your dreams is pure grit and a willingness to work hard in any situation

... And she’s well on her way.

Any ingredients we missed?

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