Basic Supplies for Basic Schools

The Problem Too Many Basic Schools Face

Jamaica's Basic Schools help to support families and provide a solid educational beginning for some our youngest and most vulnerable children.  Many of these schools are often under-resourced and could use a helping hand with basic supplies that we so often take for granted.


One such school is the Miracle Learning Center (MLC) in Kingston. Located in the inner-city area of Olympic Gardens, this school is a testament to people’s ability to thrive under hard circumstances. Founded by its principal, Veronica Ashman, the school teaches over 50 students under age 5. It also plans to later provide daycare for some infants due to the pleas for support from parents in the community. Unfortunately, it cannot properly cater to so many needs in the community without enough funding.

That’s where you came in.


Tools to Learn

Jalawelo wanted to find a way to donate some much-needed basic supplies to MLC. These were tools such as paper, pencils, crayons, notebooks and first aid kits. Think about it. These are items which many of us naturally assume would be present at a school, since they are fundamental to learning. Yet, this school and its parents, despite their best efforts, could not fully afford such simple things. Overall, the cost of the supplies came up to about $207 USD. We asked our supporters for help and they delivered. The project was fully funded to purchase the supplies.


More to Come

Your donations gave the children a chance to learn without any economic barriers. These supplies will equip them to practice and understand their lessons completely. The entire school has benefited from it.

Since then, Jalawelo has kept in touch with the Learning Center. In fact, in 2017 we were able to partly fund their annual Christmas Fun Day as well as give colourful, new books to the children. We also provide capacity building support to the school as well as parental support to the students’ parents through our I Can Parent program. While we believe basic donations are much needed, it is sustainable, long-term programs such as these which we believe will create the most powerful impact. Join us as we continue to uplift the students, staff and parents of the Miracle Learning Center.

By doing so, we will impact the whole community.