Children enjoying their Christmas treat!

Children enjoying their Christmas treat!

A  Break for De La Vega

Cycle of Fear and Violence

In 2016, we began to understand that most of the youth who were part of the De La Vega City Homework Center desperately needed a break. By that point, a cycle of violence and fear had consumed the community. Children and youth were haunted by the crime and economic hardship they faced on a daily basis. Knowing that grief counseling was a number one priority, the volunteers at the Homework Center were able to provide this for their students.

A Small Escape

After the much needed counseling, however, the outstanding volunteers asked Jalawelo to once again help their students unwind for the year with a Christmas treat! With your help we were able to do so! It gave each student an opportunity to relax, socialize and momentarily forget about the problems of life. Thanks for helping us give some of the people of De La Vega a much needed break!